I was convinced that I had hit an age where weight loss was impossible. I had tried numerous diet options and exercise and could not get below a certain weight. I was unsure about this program as well, but Vern seemed so knowledgeable, I thought I would try it.

Vern was very patient and worked with my needs to teach me how the human body works for health and weight loss. He taught me so much in the three months we worked together. It took some time before the results started to show up, but once I learnt what I needed to, the results happened quickly. I am half way to my goal and finding it easier every day. Vern Is so knowledgeable and patient and I really enjoyed working with him. He was always supportive, I could talk about anything with him and he always went above and beyond to ensure I succeeded.

I would definitely recommend working with Vern.


I ran into Vern at a get together I hosted a few years ago. He was in Ontario visiting family. We had been friends for over 30 years but our paths hadn’t crossed for many years. We started to talk about health. Especially health of men our age (mid 50’s) and how our bodies change. Vern and I met in martial arts 30 plus years ago, when we were young and very fit and active. It was easy to manage weight and health then. Vern explained in a very easy to understand way that the path I was on and the path so many men our age are on can be changed and improved for not only the short term but for lifelong change. I was very interested and knew I needed to do something fast.

When I started to work with Vern, I had been suffering from uncontrolled weight gain and a number of serious health conditions that seemed I had no control over and the medical field was only providing pharmaceutical interventions, nothing effective about diet or lifestyle. I was also concerned about my wife who was pre-diabetic. Vern explained in a very easy to understand way what was happening in my body and how easy it could be to change the very dangerous path I was on. Although I am three provinces away from Vern the communication after he went back to Alberta was easy and the guidance was effective. So effective, I not only was able to reach my weight loss and health goals but I have been able to help my wife change her path that was leading to diabetes.

The experience with Vern literally changed my life. I have not only connected permanently to a Primal Health lifestyle but after my incredible health transformation I decided to become a certified Primal Health Coach myself. I graduated May 2020.

Thanks Vern